October 2, 2013, by Sarah

Fourth Year…I can’t believe I just wrote that!

Lecturer: “I mean you’re fourth year now, so really you should always have a scientific journal article on you, to read and highlight in spare moments.”

Students: stunned silence

So I’ve started fourth year. It’s hard work. Long lectures, dissertation, many courseworks and the nudging pressure of knowing this is the beginning of the end. By next summer, I ideally will have achieved a level of competency enabling me to graduate and register as a Dietitian.

Say what? Mind= blown.

But my lecturers are brilliant, passionate about what they teach and I’m passionate about being a Dietitian. It just seems like a mountain to climb to get there, and I’m right at the bottom. But things you work hard for are even more valuable once you obtain them, and probably I’m further up the mountain than I think – I have already spent 3 years climbing after all. I even have more lever arch files than shelf room now:


Last week I tried to do lots of fun stuff before my nose hit the grindstone again:

I had afternoon tea for my mum’s birthday:
mum afternoon tea

Played Yeo Valley challenge. Possibly one of the worst games I have ever played.

It’s charity game made by Clevedon (sleepy seaside town near Bristol) YMCA – based on monopoly except you buy shares in local businesses (probably most of which don’t exist any more) which are heavily advertised on all really wordy chance cards etc.

An example chance card would be “You go to Mary’s boutique at 15 High Street, Clifton, phone number XXX and buy something amazing for your children which they ¬†really love – pay ¬£10.”

Amusingly the phone numbers occasionally had no area code, as they assumed you knew it.

So anyway, that was entertaining.

yeo valley challenge


Me and my family had a really nice farewell meal in a pub near Sutton Bonington called the Star at West Leake, I thoroughly recommend Р everything is made from scratch including jams/ chutneys/ ice cream etc. Yum!


Sweet potato, red pepper and goat’s cheese soup

Dark treacle sponge, with banana ice cream and pecan praline

Dark treacle sponge, with banana ice cream and pecan praline

I’m actually quite excited about this year – excited to climb the mountain. The work will get done, it always does, and there will be fun things along the way also. And good food – of course. Food glorious food! I need to decide what to have for dinner…

Speaking of decisions…which piece of coursework to start first?

Until next week!

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