September 25, 2013, by Sarah


I’m back – like the placement terminator.


I’m home – like E.T.

And I’m  full of energy…like Eeyore

Extreme Eeyore


Actually I’m quite tired, so I’m enjoying these two weeks at home to rest and catch up with family and friends and get lots of little jobs done – it’s gotten quite busy though.

On a side note, I actually had one of these animatronic E.T’s – from argos. It was made by the same people as furby, so of course it got really annoying. I also had a furby, and they used to talk to eachother about how sick they were because they weren’t being played with. That’s some crazy corporate child psychology manipulation right there – when you’re being guilt-tripped by your toys.

So anyway, after 12 weeks of hospital placement I have noticed I’m not quite the same – so let me present to you:

The Placement Legacy

  1. Every time I see something not written in black ink – my mind freaks out and goes IT’S WRONG, like child beauty pageants or something



  2. I keep waking up and thinking I have to do a clinic


    Sleeeeeepy….also Dopey and a little Bashful

  3. My skin is rubbish at the moment – I think it is expelling all hospital germs accumulatedskin
  4. Dry hands – alcohol gel, Y U so sting-y?

    dry ground


  5. Whenever I sign my name I feel an urge to print it, date it, and write Student Dietitian

    A pretty awesome signature

    A pretty awesome signature

  6. I keep glancing to my chest when I want to know the time – I wish fob watches were acceptable in everyday life

    fob watch

    I’m late for a very important date!

  7. Waking up placement-early….although I’ve got out of that habit pretty quickly


    Mmmm…the early bird catching a delicious worm! Sorry if that has put anyone off their food

  8. Wanting to go back

Sam just wants to go back to the Shire

So yeah, it was a hard 12 weeks – but I want to return and carry on working as a Dietitian in a hospital. In fairness that’s only a term away when I have another big scary placement, but I just want to do it now! I miss talking to patients and that feeling of helping people and managing your time and working with your environment as part of a team.

There are elements of that at University of course, only I’m bit apprehensive about my dissertation, which I think will involve a lot of computer work, and this term seems like a direct contrast to the summer I have just had – a lot of independent study. Eek…the caffeine is looming. I also have fewer lectures this term, due to the dissertation, which will be very different.

But…different is good, change is good, my course is good, and everything will happen in the right time *praying.*

I will update you when I’m back in Uni-land next week! Welcome to all you beautiful bright-eyed Fresher’s and anyone returning to the lovely UoN – it’s going to be a term to remember 🙂

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