September 2, 2013, by Kiran

Uni Withdrawal Syndrome

It’s the start of September, months since many of us have been on campus and for some of us we not be returning in the new term. So how have you been coping with normal eating and sleeping patterns? Have you woken up with a start thinking you’ve missed your lecture only to realise you’ve actually just missed your favourite daytime TV show…and then realised that even when you were at Uni this was the case anyway?! And then felt empty inside..? If you can’t wait to get back to uni or like me are adjusting to life in the real world here are a few handy tips to help you get through your Uni Withdrawal Syndrome *not all of them will be helpful*


1. What’s for dinner?!

Ignore the array of ingredients and tempting treats in your fridge. Buy an assortment of different cereals and instead of all the lovely home cooked meals presented to you take out your bowl and spoon and turn this breakfast food into your survival sustenance! If you are really missing uni and really want to replicate the uni experience, eat your cereal without milk. Wow. I am really not making uni sound appealing at all. Or cereal.



2. Photo Albums!


26082013449Everyone likes a project…and a visit to Paperchase. Over the summer I have compiled the final in my series of uni photo albums. It’s a great excuse to look over old photos and when you’re older and have deleted Facebook you can show the grandkids you were once fun! Photobox and Snapfish do some great deals when you first join so it shouldn’t cost you loads either.



3. Baywatch Fridays!

At a loss of what to do on Friday nights now that you’re not in Nottingham? Well I have the perfect solution. Watch Baywatch re-runs and during the theme song take your top off and swirl it around your head. Okay so the family might find it a bit disturbing but if you turn out the lights and turn it up really loud it will almost be as if you’re in Ocean!


4.  Organise Reunions!

1005808_10151815621918818_879083323_nSo what if your housemates live all over the country? Make excuses to see each other. Hey, it’s my birthday! Hey, it’s National Best Friend Day! Hey, I’m lonely! You get the gist. This last weekend URN held a reunion for past and present members and for a while I felt as if I was back in the uni bubble. You’ll be happy to know we have planned a returners trip to Ocean… just need to organise transport. Clearly I can’t let go but apart from that it is nice to catch up, reminisce and grieve over the uni lifestyle together.

But I understand. Train tickets aren’t exactly cheap and people have actual grown up jobs now so can’t make it. However, there’s always group Skype calls…or you could just send a letter along with the annual Christmas card to let everyone know how you’re doing.



p.s. My next blog will be my final blog! I suppose I need to accept that I can’t really blog about Student Life anymore….until the next and final time!

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