September 9, 2013, by Kiran

Untying the Notts…

This is the moment you have all been waiting for. It’s time for my final blog. Now I was mulling over what I should write to really celebrate this moment but even having a degree in English with Creative Writing didn’t seem to help. Instead I have decided to use my previous 38 blogs, pick them apart sentence by sentence and mix them together into one big nonsensical blogging montage. Some may call it lazy but I prefer the term creative and it saves you from reading the aforementioned previous blogs! I now present to you, for the final time, a short-ish summing up of my Student Life:


556357_10200515751435377_1399559045_n[1]‘So I am writing my first proper blog about university life. All week I have been struggling to think of a topic to write about. Well I woke up without my voice and had to find other ways to communicate on the move which proved to be a challenge trying to direct a piece in Nottingham New Theatre’s Freshers’ Fringe and keeping on top of Impact. I have been infected by PRODUCTIVITY!!! (I told you I was melodramatic.)

679897_10151112790965737_1040910330_oEverybody please listen! I have been in a seminar room in the Exchange Building but while I’ve been there I have been rearranging furniture and my week has pretty much consisted of several proposals and quite a few bear sightings. Luckily there are presents and food to distract me from this. I have also begun my investigation into recreating a ‘super-sped-up-clean-up-montage-to-music-moment.’ This can only mean one thing…prioritise ice cream over the champagne.

398692_4648884373910_1344531564_n[1]After half an all nighter, a battle with the curlers, unopened cans of salmon and carrots (attacking them with a screwdriver had not worked) I put my mask on and headed to the ball. The door burst open to reveal an army of very hairy kids. No. Not kids. CATS! Santa barged into the restaurant, ordered a balti, and announced he was here to save the day. This was merely a fabrication…I apologise for lying.

07022013102Okay so being force fed cake is not the worst thing in the world. When someone asks that procrastination fuelled question: ‘Hey, do you want to watch a film?’ the answer should always be ‘Oh-my-God-I-am-in-third-year-what-am-I-going-to-do-with-my-life?! On several unrelated notes, a man on a bike stopped and told me ‘Jessie Boot would be very pleased’ asked me if I knew what that meant and cycled away, and it turns out I have never had a pet. But I think I am the equivalent of a godmother to this Mr Kiran fish!

Mr Kiran the goldfish is dead. While you mull this over, please enjoy a series of humorous pictures of myself and my house mate fashioning  face masks:











I promised an interesting blog….I have just made a hot chocolate. Back before the days we were all out disco dancing with the lights down low in a club I definitely used to think I could River Dance because I could make the clicky clacky sound with my little heels.

Okay so if I sift through the haze of the past seven days, what has happened?

  • I’m not going to brag about going away to Barcelona!
  • ‘We could just go to Sweden. It’s half an hour on the train. No, I’m not joking.’ Casual trip to Sweden it is!
  • I gazed at a MASSIVE Tesco and felt quite content.
  • Jamie Oliver told my sister a handy tip
  • If you ever need to know who to sue when your new fridge breaks please come to me!

Also if you see a computer and feel the need to log on, built a book fort and set up camp. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time now; add animal ears to an outfit and voila you are in fancy dress. Can you picture it?



155156_10150325214125023_4652254_n996192_10152896060035284_368706793_nIt doesn’t seem that long ago that I was moving into Willoughby, nervous about making friends only to find the people I was going to live with for the next three years, my second family. If you’re not sick of them, I would definitely recommend going on a graduation trip with the housemates before you have to leave university…even if it’s just to Brighton! Looking back at my old blogs, I am so glad I was given the chance to put my university experiences into writing.


Sentimentality is contagious! But Happy Graduation. My hat is a little too big for my head. Oh what’s this?! It can’t be! Robin Hood hiding in the bushes?! Nope. It was just the start of September. It’s months since many of us have been on campus and for some of us we not be returning in the new term. I suppose I need to accept that I can’t really blog about Student Life anymore.

Don’t worry though Nottingham…I’ll be back.’



p.s. I Love You…I’ve been wanting to make that reference every post script. I love you is a bit strong but I do like you all a lot for reading my blogs!

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