August 30, 2013, by Ollie

Another month ‘sails’ past

It’s been a while and golly gosh so much has happened… Is what I’d love to say. I’ve spent my summer in England mainly at home or work and so stories worth talking about are a little difficult to come by hence the lateness of this post. However, I’ve managed to get out and do a few things as panic set in realising it’ll soon be another year till I’ll be free again.

The Recap
So here’s what I been up to recently. My mother hit a landmark age and we celebrated in style by hiring a bouncy castle for the younger members of my family (and me) and barbecued the day away. Here a few cheeky snaps to show you that no matter your age or what you’re doing. Bouncy castles are fun!

not over excited at all.Team Bounce Pose

I did manage to get away for a few days with my girlfriend and the opportunity to go sailing came up, something I’ve never done before and as it’s something I may not get the chance to do otherwise I jumped on the opportunity. It was ace! I learnt lots on board but have since forgotten everything but it’s very easy to get to grips with someone experienced telling you what to do. Whether it be pulling ropes to swing the boon or let out the sail or simply steering or even hanging off the side of the boat desperately trying to grab onto a neighbouring boat so you can moor the ship. I was very close to getting a fish eye view of the boat!

it was a beautiful day off the Whitby coast.

it was a beautiful day off the Whitby coast.

The main sail catching some wind.

The main sail catching some wind.

So University is round the corner so what has been dominating my attention. Moving in of course! I can’t wait to bring you stories, anecdotes and general musings about my next year in a house but at the minute it seems I’m forking out money after money. Moving into a house is nowhere near as simple as I imagined. Setting up the internet, decorating, the purchasing of TV licences and pots and cutlery and all the other ! So despite all my working my money may be gone, money that I was setting aside for a potential Ski holiday! I love Skiing but alas I’m the only member of my family that does so my options to go were always limited to school trips. I’ll definitely be snooping around the University Ski trip this year though – otherwise I fear that in my 3rd year the ski season may be out of limits due to needing to revise for final year exams but good heavens that’s far away and we don’t want to be talking about that just yet!

I will be swamped in bits and bobs when moving in!

I will be swamped in bits and bobs when moving in! *

So aside from house developments I also can’t wait to sink my teeth into getting involved with BioSoc as part of the committee, sitting at the table during Freshers’ fair and hopefully meeting new people who I can help along through their first year just as I was helped out mahoosively!

Image: Guardian Removals

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