August 21, 2013, by Sarah

Finding your place…ment

So it’s been a little while since I last blogged – and that’s because it’s been very busy. As the title suggests, I’ve been finding my place in my hospital placement as a Student Dietitian.

I suppose it has been quite surreal for me.

I’ve wanted to be a Dietitian since I was thirteen so I chose my GCSEs and my A levels to get me there, spent 3 years studying at Uni for it and now it’s actually happening. I’m talking to patients, writing GP letters and in medical notes and giving people advice. Seriously.

Half the time I’m thinking – Me?! I feel so unqualified!

I thought by third year of Uni  I would have accumulated all this wisdom and be somehow in some elusive student Dietitian mode. But when it comes down to it, I’m just me. But slightly older.

However I’m enjoying it. It’s like finally getting a taste of a meal you have slaved over preparing and realising whilst it’s not the flavour you originally thought –it’s pretty delicious.

me gram afternoon tea

This was afternoon tea with my Grandma – it was also delicious.

It’s so interesting meeting patients and finding out about their lives, and then setting goals related to their eating and drinking that can improve their health. People, real people, are doing things with their diet because I suggested them. Wow.

Of course there are ups and downs – things you do well and things you don’t do so well. I suppose I try and think that if I want to be good one day I need that feedback – because it’s the only way I can improve.


You couldn’t improve on these scones though – fresh out of the oven


The philosophy of afternoon tea (yay rhyming!)

Now it might appear that my summer has consisted of alternating between working hard at placement and afternoon tea.  In some ways this is true.

Basically my thoughts are:

  1. Afternoon tea is lush
  2. Placement is hard work. Good, definitely, hard work, you betcha!
  3. Weekends are the new Uni summer – like orange is the new black daaarrrling (Incredibles reference, I’m not seriously suggesting to wear orange, it would make Dietetic workware look like prison scrubs)
  4. I should holiday in the time I have
  5. Life hasn’t been the easiest of late, so if a scone makes you happy – why not?*

* in the context of a healthy balanced diet, of course.

So if you feel like you’re in hot water, add a tea bag, some vintage china, some food you love and it might help. That’s my thinking.

Sorry this blog isn’t very specific, it’s only musings of an overly reflective student. Also confidentiality and all that – specific details could make placement/ my degree awkward.

If by awkward you mean over.

So – next time you hear from I shall be in the distant but fast approaching territory of the end of placement! Then fourth year!


Ok I’ll think about that later – hope your summers are beautiful and your tea afternoon-ish!



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