June 21, 2013, by Gemma

Gemma the Explorer

It’s so strange to think that today is my last ever day in Nottingham (bar coming back for a day next week for a wedding.) Still have packing to do, but nearly there.

Chilwell Retail Park

Chilwell Retail Park

A bit late after having 3 years to accomplish this, but my housemate and I finally hopped on the bus to make use of the last two days of our bus passes. So many places to explore at such short notice, so we decided to explore the great unknown… that is Chilwell retail park. After getting a bit lost, and walking for nearly half an hour, we finally arrived.

last week of notts (2)

Tourists for a day

New shoes from Chilwell

New shoes from Chilwell









We enjoyed the sights of Matalan, Sports Direct, and McDonald’s.

I know, maybe not the most adventurous of places to explore in Nottingham, but it’s somewhere we have never been.

Eating my way through Nottingham

As it’s the last week, I felt like spoiling myself a bit and exploring more new (ish) restaurants in Nottingham. On Saturday we went to Tarn Thai. They have the greatest lunch time menu – 2 courses and tea for £8.50! Bargain!

…Then a cute little café called Homemade for a hen party in the evening.

Tarn Thai lunch menu

Tarn Thai lunch menu

Hen party antics at Homemade

Hen party antics at Homemade








On Tuesday, we visited Pizza Hut buffet. It’s been years since I’ve had Pizza Hut. I was so full that I nearly hopped on my friend’s back to be transported home. Finally, on Wednesday we had dinner from Higoi, a restaurant that my housemate absolutely loves, and after our meal, I totally see why – It’s absolutely delicious. They also do 15% off if you don’t eat in and take away. Wooo!

Final but not last goodbyes

As the days have gone by, leaving Nottingham becomes more official and emotional. Leaving Uni was not topic of discussion at all until Tuesday’s house party, and it all started to seem a lot more surreal. “How are you feeling about final results?” “What are you doing after Uni?”

I understand it’s impossible to keep in contact with absolutely everyone, but I’ve made lifelong friends, that without a doubt I know I will be seeing in the near future.


Yesterday our final year degree results were published in Portland Building. I’m very pleased with my result, and I hope all you final years are too! 🙂


I best, get back to packing now.

Have a great summer!

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