June 23, 2013, by Kiran

My Uni Top 10

There have been a lot of ‘last EVER’ moments this week. Everyone is starting to get emotional. Everyone is starting to leave. With everyone then being infected by the sentimentality bug I’ve decided it is indeed time to reminisce so here is my countdown of  my top 10 university highlights:

10. Being a Student Blogger


Starting with the obvious choice, this year blogging for the university, writing updates about my student life every week has been such an enjoyable experience (and hopefully I haven’t been too boring!)  Looking back at my old blogs, I am so glad I was given the chance to put my university experiences into writing. Especially as I’m leaving this week, they make a good souvenir to take away from my final year.

By the way, any of you first or second years that like the idea of blogging, you’ve only got until tomorrow (24th June) to send in a sample 250 word blog to studentcommsoffice@nottingham.ac.uk


9. Study Sessions


This may seem like a weird one but I don’t mean the solitary productive study sessions; I mean the ones where you take a break after writing half a sentence and get distracted by jelly and ice cream in the library, try some cartwheels to build up your energy and visit the Lidl tour bus! We can all relate to this, right?

Don’t worry though, I am not condoning avoiding work and you will be relieved to know that all essays were completed, deadlines were met and passes were achieved!


8. Fancy Dress

Although it does require quite a bit of effort and I usually complain I don’t have an outfit, when else is it socially going to be acceptable to dress up as a glittery ballerina, a pot of gold, superhero or some sort of animal?!



7. Christmas in Nottingham


From home cooked Christmas meals to not so Secret Santas to the markets in town, I will miss celebrating this festive season with my Nottingham family.

In Freshers we made snowmen at midnight, in second year we made a makeshift dining room big enough to fit 10 for our Christmas meal and in third year, like the sophisticated grown ups we are, we held our annual Christmas cheese and wine night.


With a budget of £5 our Secret Santa presents were definitely creative

With a budget of £5 our Secret Santa presents were definitely creative

6. Nottingham New Theatre

ffWhen I came to the open day, I got a tour around the Nottingham New Theatre and it was actually one of the reasons I wanted to come to this university in the first place. Taking part in Freshers Fringe in first year, reviewing it in second year for Impact and then writing a directing a piece in Freshers Fringe this year, I think this event is one of the best ways to get involved in the theatre. You meet so many people and get a taster of how the theatre runs.


Trust me, this comes in handy if you are going to be involved in any of the New Theatre season shows! Producing the UNCUT Chekhov double bill, even having a hand in directing, was one of the most challenging yet best experiences of my university life. The long hours, carrying sofas around campus and the hilarious line runs were all worth it when the performance came around. I salute you Chek-mates!


5. Formals & Balls

I don’t really need to explain this one. Everyone dresses up, there’s good food, good company and a bit of dancing. Love it!

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4. Willoughby Hall

248954_10150220082420737_1982641_nWilloughby! You what? You what? Yes, I am a Willoughby ranger and after being randomly assigned my accommodation in first year, I could not be happier about where I ended up. Some of our first year antics are my fondest memories and these could make a separate top 10 in itself! But the highlights are decorating my friend’s room with sellotape, making a big vat of jelly in the pantry, having midnight picnics, removing all traces of furniture and possessions from my other friend’s room (wow, we sound mean!) and spontaneous water fights. Willoughby, you will always hold a special place in my heart










3.  URN


205068_10151293428359684_535224786_nThis week was the last ever Morning Show with Kiran and Alix and after a year of being ‘On Air’ I felt slightly emotional. (Our podcasts are on the URN website though!) Starting URN in first year with occasional appearances on the Drama Show and then getting more involved in second year with The Pulse, I am so glad that myself and Alix decided to demo for our own show. Planning weekly features, learning which buttons to press and when, the real joy came from being able to pursue one of my favourite hobbies; talking!

It did however get to the point where I loved it so much that I was inviting myself onto other people’s shows and URN committee members questioned why I was always in the studio.


2. Impact

665291_10152180735765790_948899111_o556357_10200515751435377_1399559045_nImpact Magazine has taken over my life this year and in no way do I have a problem with that! Yes, being Arts Editor was stressful at times but having an awesome co-Editor, fabulous writers and many a press ticket made it all better. With such a strong and supportive editorial team, I am so proud of the work we have achieved this year, all the finished magazines and the vast amount of online articles! Having passed on the editorial torch, I am having to restrain myself from checking emails and finalising content. Being a part of Ones to Watch Student Publication of the Year has definitely made an impact on my life (see what I did there!)


And Drumroll please…


1. Housemates, Coursemates, Any Mates!

My top university highlight has to be getting to meet the most fantastic bunch of individuals! I will not include pictures for the winning entry because you all know who you are/I’m scared I’ll leave someone out/I may include a picture of someone who will then deny we were ever friends! You are the reason I am so reluctant to leave and I hope that the friendships made over these last three years will last a lifetime. Thank you for making my university life the best experience I could have hoped for!


p.s. This blog took me a day to write because I just could not decide on a top 10. I’ll probably look back at this tomorrow and will have changed my mind. Also I apologise for being overly soppy and that this blog was extra long (feel free to just look at the pictures!)


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