June 19, 2013, by Sarah

Ladding in London

Do you like Shakespeare?

Do you like Merlin?

Then you’ll love seeing Colin Morgan as Ariel in the Tempest!

Points to anyone who got this reference:

So I had a lovely weekend visiting my friend Carrie-Anne in Maidenhead


I slept in one of the most comfy beds I’ve ever slept in:

Carrie anne bed


Ate some of the best food I’ve ever eaten:

swan restaurant 2

The Swan restaurant- next to the Globe Theatre

London dessert

Chocolate and orange mousse with orange curd, caramelized orange and orange granita

london main

Slow roasted pork belly with tarragon mash, sand carrots and roasted onion

london starter

Starter platter of potted salmon, chilled spring green soup, chicory and caramelised hazelnut salad and a pea and ricotta mousse

And saw the Tempest at the globe which was absolutely brilliant, really funny and as we were standing we were right up close to all the action.

On a side note, the play made me realise I’m glad codpieces have faded into fashion history, although they are a useful comedic tool. Particularly if an actor were to wring one out into the audience.

Also standing tickets are only £5 – how did I not know this?! I LOVE Shakespeare so this definitely will be the first of many visits to the Globe, as the price is actually student-friendly!

globe1 globe2 globe us


The red arrows also flew over London which was an exciting occurrence

red arrows

Things have been pretty rough recently so it was so lovely to get away from it all and have an amazing time with a friend, one of the best things about Uni is the amazing people you meet. My degree is four years so I’m not graduating yet but many of those I started with are, so that’s going to be weird going back in September with so many people missing. It hasn’t really sunk in yet. However, it’s not the end as we’ll keep in touch, it’s just…different.

Results will come through on Friday from tutors – although we get a transcript emailed on Tuesday 25th June, with a link to the Blue Castle website for a full transcript (log in with Uni username and password) which is new this year, but for more info go here and look on the portal.

Exam results are currently like a dark presence in the back of my mind, I don’t feel confident at all, but I suppose as long as I pass I can go on placement which is what matters. But I did get a stomach ulcer for them so I hope it’s worth it. I leave for placement on Saturday! OH DEAR.

Basically it’s all kicking off.

However I went to Devon today and it was truly beautiful, sometimes the scale of the world, the rocks that stand solid and the tranquility of a still pond and a hovering dragonfly can help give you peace and perspective.


Sometimes, when you see the world is massive it helps you see your problems are small.                 Small isn’t unimportant, but it is less overwhelming.

I’m not entirely sure if this is my last blog, but I have loved sharing with you all this year, having a vent for my silly revision songs and generally writing creatively has done me good. If this is the last one, it’s been a pleasure and I wish you all every blessing for the future. If it’s not, I still wish that stuff anyway!

So long for now!



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