June 15, 2013, by Kiran

Grad Ball & Glad Rags

After getting back from Turkey at 5am Thursday morning and rushing into campus for the penultimate Morning Show with Kiran and Alix on URN, I was left with an hour to get ready for Grad Ball. Three years of University and it was all coming to an end!


It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was moving into Willoughby Hall, nervous about making friends only to find the people I was going to live with for the next three years, my second family.


First Year:


Final Year:


As you can probably tell from the photo above, this COMPLETELY RANDOM small sample of Grad Ball attendees, red dresses were very popular as were classy floor length numbers. I clearly did not get the memo and in an indecisive fashion went for a compromise between a short and long dress. I did however try on a red dress beforehand but I looked like I was drowning in material, my head floating above a red sea of fabric so I decided against it.

179707_10152239526372334_107251298_nObviously the boys looked lovely too and here we have a variety of waistcoats, suits and tuxes. (I’m sure you all appreciated the small tangent about Grad Ball fashion there)

Back to the topic and in a strange way I felt as if I had been transported back to our Freshers Summer Ball. In first year, my housemate Steve could not make the Ball because he was going to Download Festival. The same was true here. In first year, the Summer Ball fell on my housemate Chris’ birthday and the same was true for Grad Ball. What are the chances?! The food was probably the same as well. We had unintentionally replicated our experience from first year.

Even the photo opportunities were very similar…


Freshers Ball: The Girls


Grad Ball: The Girls


Freshers Ball: The Boys


Grad Ball: The Boys













Okay so these are all pretty standard variations of photos that all groups of friends take BUT…


Freshers Ball: The Girls and Chris


Grad Ball: The Girls and Chris











See what I mean?! Okay so I am still being melodramatic but it really does feel like everything has gone full circle and now that it’s time to leave I want to be transported to the Freshers Ball again so that I can look forward to moving in instead of moving out.

It doesn’t actually matter though because I’m sure that we will be meeting up to replicate these photos every year. (Sorry guys but now it is down in writing so we have to!) Promises like these are probably one of the reasons why my housemates were trying to take sneaky photos without including me…you can’t get rid of me that easily guys!



I hope everyone else had a great Grad Ball too and you all feel ready to enter the real world very very soon!


p.s.  After a week without any access to a computer I will soon be uploading my blog from Turkey – double whammy this week!

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