May 17, 2013, by Ollie

Furious Flashback

In the words of the wise Craig Charles it’s time for a ‘Ridiculous Replay’. My first year is in it’s final fleeting weeks but rather than look ahead at the impending exams I want to have a ‘Furious flashback’ at the year.

Yes it’s a cliché but there hasn’t been a single standout moment but more a series of events that culminated last Friday to be my highlight of the year. I made a speech last friday and a line I want to share with you from that speech is very cheesy but I feel explains my first year and I’m sure in different contexts many others, if you were to replace table with something else… I guess.

‘I made a big step coming to University, but the best step I made was approaching that table’

The table I’m referencing was the BioSoc table at Freshers’ fair and as mentioned the path I took on that day culminated at the BioSoc AGM. I ran for a position on the committee, treasurer in fact, and was successful in being elected. Through my first year, as you may have spotted through the course of my blogging, BioSoc has cropped up more than once, the socials, the trips and the friends.

Nursing the morning after Ocean feeling I started to reflect on what getting the position meant to me. It was the chance to give back to a society that had helped me through the first year, it was the chance for responsibility and proving myself; to myself and others, but as mentioned in the speech of another candidate running for a place on the committee, it’s about making friends and helping to guide others through their University experiences. Just as said candidate had been there for me, without his influence and of course the rest of the BioSoc family. I wouldn’t be typing this blog about winning the Treasurer role. So thanks!

all about BioSoc

my time with BioSoc has been a… ‘shining star’ during my first year!

So to finish up the blog and keeping in with the furious flashback theme I was home for 2 days to have a break from the confines of my University room and to pop into work for training, yes that monthly thing that often creeps into my blog. This time here is a photo of my pool, from an artistic moving car shot.

sorry about the obscure picture!

sorry about the obscure picture!

On the way home in the car I had some time to muse over a few things. Something of late I’ve been enjoying is  the ‘Things … don’t say’ pages on Facebook, particularly entertaining for me were the North/South variants of the pages, which got me thinking about the North/South divide and particularly accents. Grass is grass, not graarssse. A bath is a bath, not a barth! Pronunciation aside the subtle differences in accents I find amusing, despite being told I’m always the one in the wrong, I need some Northern support! So I was happy to see this sign, a sign that I was going back to where my accent was accepted!

home, sweet home!

home, sweet home!

Cheekily breaking the theme to look forward my Hall’s ball is approaching and after maybe a few too many alcohol calories I was in need of a better fitting suit so I bit the bullet and went shopping, every boy’s worst nightmare. Still the shopping was a success!

debuting at the Newark Summer Ball!

debuting at the Newark Summer Ball!

So until next time folks, sayonara!

(not sure why the Craig Charles Takeshi’s castle references made it into this week’s blog but I’m glad they did!)

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