May 17, 2013, by Gemma

Avoiding Cabin Fever

We all know the feeling. You’ve been working solidly for a few hours straight. Your vision starts to go slightly funny if you look out your window at actual daylight for too long. You check the time every five minutes to see if it’s dinner time yet. You fill up your water bottle only halfway, so you have more excuses to leave your room and explore the house. This is cabin fever.

Cut The Rope completed

Cut The Rope completed

My particular bad habit is/was playing ‘Cut The Rope’ after revising a few pages of work. In the last few days, I’ve completed all three available Cut the Rope games: Time Travel, Experiments, and the Full version. I just don’t know what to do with myself anymore!

Nails done #Priorities

Nails done #Priorities


I also took ‘Lazy Sunday’ a bit too far. On Sunday, I watched two films in a row:

Prometheus and Psycho, while doing my nails.





So how to avoid cabin fever?

Change your workplace from time to time. This isn’t for everybody, because it might involve moving a suitcase-full of folders, pens and highlighters into the living room or Hallward library. I have to salute those of you that work in Hallward full-time and get there before 8am. I arrived once at 1pm to use some short-loan books and it was jam-packed!

Why not eat out. You’d have to cook dinner away, and a one-course dinner doesn’t take any time to eat at all, nor does it have to be expensive if you use one of many deals on offer. On Tuesday, I had one the best calzones ever, at Ask Italian.

cabin fever (2)

Go window shopping. You don’t have to buy anything, but the fresh air will do you good. So by the time exams actually start, you won’t have turned into a vampire.



See you next Friday, and Good Luck with exams!



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