May 15, 2013, by Sarah

Are U Healthy?

Well this week I have looked like this:

Me Studying

Revision face

And it has felt a bit like this:

Apparently Mumford and Sons did a cover of this song –> random.

Also this is very true:

I want to be a cat…because a cat’s the only cat….who doesn’t have revision.

However, one thing I did find time to do is the Healthy U recipe competition 🙂 as I am studying to be a Dietitian and a student blogger the competition was presented to me from every angle – with all the lecturers forwarding it on. So I thought I’d give it a go and would encourage you all to enter if you haven’t already and break the student vodka and beans (grim) stereotype, and possibly get to appear in a Healthy U cookery book!

Break the stereotype

Break the stereotype


It’s fairly easy to enter – think of anything you cook that’s original, tasty, healthy and suitable for a student budget. Make it, take a photo of you with your food, write out your recipe and email it in 🙂 I obviously would love to win a prize but as I was rather hungry and just wanted to eat my meal – my photo was taken in haste and leaves much to be desired. So, whilst winning would be nice, I also want that photo to never see the light of day!

Best starter, main course and dessert get a £50 voucher – and all recipes included get a free starbucks voucher. Also, I think if you have a starter recipe the odds are in your favour! Do many students eat starters anyway?! I wish I had an original starter recipe…but if I ever make a starter I just make some random vegetable soup for which the recipe is as follows: “put all vegetables available in pan, add stock, boil and blend.” I don’t think this would count.

I also don’t think doritoes and dips count either.

Also I often make up pudding recipes but they’re not in the “healthy” category – except fruit salad, which isn’t exactly a recipe. So I submitted a main course which is quick, cheap, healthy and delicious, and I will not reveal the recipe until the results come out! You’ll have to wait and see 🙂

I watched the prince of Egypt last night as a revision break with the CU, which was helpful, and AWESOME -although realising it was released around 14 years ago made me feel old. In my head, Steps and the Spice girls are around and jelly shoes are awesome.

Hope you all have a good week! Next Wednesday I’ll be in the midst of exams so I’m not promising coherency 😛


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