May 5, 2013, by Kiran

Library Lifestyle

Living the fun lifestyle of a third year, I’ve been spending quite a lot of the time in the library at the moment. Yesterday I went to Hallward, nipped out to see East at the Nottingham New Theatre and it was back to the library until 1:30am. I’m sure many of you are thinking ‘That’s nothing’ and maybe you’re reading this sat in Hallward (well done for getting a computer!) but there was a time that I actually might as well have moved into the library,  should have just built a book fort and set up camp. Yes, I really am that cool.


So it’s a Wednesday night. You know what that means…yes, Jubilee Library All Nighter. Anyone? It’s pretty much the same as your average weekly Crisis fix except the crisis comes in the form of 3000 words, still unwritten, due in tomorrow! At least I had a plan…

Armed with an equally apprehensive course mate, a laptop and some prawn crackers, we are ready to do battle. Sitting at a desk somewhere along the winding path that seems never ending when you try to find your seat again after a toilet break, it felt like we were in one of those movie montage scenes where there is a frenzy of activity surrounding you but you remain stuck in time, in the same place. And there we did stay for twenty four hours, going through all the stages of crazy:

(WARNING: Do not try this at your local library)

1. Laughter – You either laugh or cry and to start off the situation is hilarious, outbursts of hysterical laughter following the question   ‘So how much have you done?’ Another side effect is the deterioration of wit. Example A:

530186_3216484897355_68398828_n‘Metaphor…what does it even matter for?’

540052_10150780115350737_1929444082_n                                                 ‘Haha that was punny!’




2.Panic – Early hours of the morning, water bottles empty, the mini-breakdowns begin, molehills became mountains! Top dramas include the appearance of a spider and the epic search for more water. Venturing outside in the rain, still nothing! Calling for outside help, no reply! Water sourced in the disabled toilets and we continue.


3. Motivation – Rushes of adrenaline kick in and bursts of typing kill off that word count. At times we have too much energy though and even start up our own exercise regime to stay on task; cartwheels and all. It pretty much went down like this but without the sand…


4. Resentment – Birds tweeting and people begin to reappear outside, life starting up again. However, seeing people up and awake this early out of choice provoke quite a bitter reaction, which seems contagious; a couple on a stroll, happy and arms linked at the start, arguing and arms crossed by the end. True story.

Essays now handed in and having experienced the ups and downs of living in the library it is not something I would recommend adding to your ‘Things To Do Before I Leave University’ list.



p.s. You’ve probably already guessed but I did not take that lovely picture of Jubilee Library, credit goes to Matt Buck of Flickr.  If you really zoom in, maybe you’ll see me in one of the windows!

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