May 3, 2013, by Gemma

Everything BUT Revision

Hi there. I finally finished my project, and got it professionally printed and bound at the SU Print Shop. Hurray! It felt really strange handing it in because it meant it was officially over… No more proofing, re-arranging tables or finding other ways to say “Therefore” and “However”. At least now I can concentrate on revising for exams…

No Crisis in Crisis

I went to Crisis for a triple-birthday blow-out. A really fun night ensued – The banter flowed and the music boomed. Although, no one seemed to know the dance moves to Cameo’s “It’s Like Candy”. This didn’t matter; I did it on my own! (Definitely wasn’t awkward…)

Jamie’s Italian

On Tuesday I reunited with a couple of friends at Jamie’s Italian restaurant. I had never been before, but the food was delicious, especially the Arancini, which is basically fried risotto balls. My main was on the small side, but I’d definitely return for the starters. Mmmm.

Matheson-Smart Cup for Total Bull

Each year the Philosophy department holds a competition called the ‘Matheson-Smart Cup for Total Bull’, where lecturers and PhD students attempt to argue their case on a really silly topic. For example, one lecturer argued that a necessary condition to own something is to urinate on it. And of course, awkward objections/questions followed from this.

My housemate who actually studies Philosophy brought me along to the competition. It was a pretty interesting and funny event. (With some yummy refreshments too.)


Anyway, hope exam preparation, coursework and such are going well. If you’re looking for a little distraction, check out this site:

I won’t reveal anything, but it’s really clever!

Back next Friday! 🙂

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