April 26, 2013, by Gemma

Essential Mobile Apps For Uni

NCT Buses

This app provides real-time data on bus arrival times. So you can leave your house or Uni when the bus is on its way, rather than wait unnecessarily in the cold. You can save your favourite stops too, so it literally takes seconds to check when your bus is coming.

Great for you if…

You have absolutely no patience/Have better things to do than wait for a bus.


Buses may arrive sooner than stated if there is no traffic.

NCT Buses App

NCT Buses App


Basically texting, but it’s over the internet so it doesn’t use any of your phone contract’s text allowance. Really useful when you are abroad and your hotel has wi-fi; you avoid the more expensive international charges.

Great for you if…

You have group essays and presentations to discuss.

Only downfall…

It needs the internet, so if the person you are contacting is in a place with no wi-fi/internet, they won’t get your message!

Mobile apss (2)

Whatsapp mobile app



This is location-based, so if you are out and about and want to have a cheap meal out, just check the app to see what is on offer around you. Then you just show the code to your waiter to get discounted bills. Deals that don’t expire until 2014 include 25% off your food at The Cumin Restaurant, and 2 main courses for £12.95 at Prezzo.

Check it out at: www.vouchercloud.com

Great for you if…

You don’t plan where you will eat out, so you wouldn’t have already-printed-off vouchers to hand.

Only downfall…

Some offers aren’t available on the weekend.

Vouchercloud app

Vouchercloud app


Hope you find these apps useful.

See you next Friday! 🙂

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