April 25, 2013, by Ollie

1kg of meat to knock you off your feet!

My room is in a relatively clean state which can only mean one thing. It’s the start of the term and there hasn’t been enough time, no matter how hard I’ve tried, to be too messy!

Exams are again on the horizon but as lectures wind down and the beautiful thing called free time racks up you have to find the balance between doing revision and staying stress free.

On Monday I went for a welcome back meal at the Rose & Crown, a personal favourite of mine with it being right on the doorstep of Jubilee Campus! Several times I had eyed up the tantalising Flaming Burger Challenge but not risen to it, this time would be different.

The Flaming Burger Challenge is 1kg of meat. 1kg of meat takes a lot of eating and it’s difficult to do much else but around the beef burger and through the pieces of bacon I managed to have a catch up with my friends.

To save everyone time I’d like to let you know that asking someone how their Easter is will result in the answer, ‘It was good but I didn’t really do anything’ this will happen 99/100 times! If your friend is the 1 who did something interesting, they are a good friend to keep around!

The Flaming Burger Challenge unfortuanetely got the best of me. As my friend warned me, too much meat and you may end up having a ‘meatmare’. Maybe with more time we would have beaten the challenge and earnt local fame on the wall of the Rose & Crown.

Flaming Burger Challenge. 1kg of meat!

Flaming Burger Challenge. 1kg of meat!

comparison with a normal burger!

comparison with a normal burger!

Game Over

It has been a relatively quiet week on the lecture front and for the first time as a student the ‘free time’ is more than the ‘contact time’ but of course this time is being invested or for those who haven’t started. SHOULD be invested in revision. The summer exam period is the make or break, the first year is coming to an end and the time has flown by. It’s been full of highlights and another one came by today.

After a Plant Science lab spent marking the characteristics of Petunias, simply fascinating, trust me! We were allowed to take our work back home with us. The sight of seeing a group of 1st years walking out of Biology with their new pet Petunias in their arms was a bizarre sight but a good one that made me smile. My Petunia has found a temporary home until I look into hopefully planting it somewhere more appropriate. The sad thing I must tell you is as soon as I sat down at my laptop I googled ‘Petunia care instructions’.
A horticulturist in the making… I think not… but it’s definitely the little things that help you get through this tough time of year!

My pet Petunia... name suggestions anyone?

My pet Petunia… name suggestions anyone?

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