March 24, 2013, by Kiran

Life Got Cold…

Any other week I would be referring to the whole lotta snow we’ve been having lately. However, enough small talk about the weather because this week brought the end of a pop era!

After a decade and very shortly after their Ten tour Girls Aloud split! Now to many of you this may not impact your life very much but right now the whole world is actually really upset. Since 2002, back before the days we were all out disco dancing with the lights down low in a club, I have been a fan of the best girl group since the Spice Girls.

And don’t you all lie; I know you all know the words and the moves to Love Machine! I’ve seen you all in the Oceana cheese room! So fun game…I am going to attempt to get a lyric from every song Girls Aloud have ever released into this blog including a bonus round of ‘spot the album track.’ Just jump in and humour me by playing along; seriously play the game and maybe you’ll win. You may have already noticed a few and if so well done, points to you!

Okay so if I sift through the haze of the past seven days, what has happened? Well funnily enough I actually had tickets to see Girls Aloud at Nottingham’s Capital FM arena this week and it gave me and my housemate the perfect excuse to finally wear our flashing bunny ears. I took them to uni that day and they kept lighting up in my bag accidently! But obviously they put on an amazing show. I tried to take some pictures for the blog but this is the best I came up with:

19032013119 19032013124


Luckily my friend Liam was a bit closer so tah dah:

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Pictures and words are never enough though so while I collect my thoughts here’s Life got Cold from the Ten tour (arms in the air everybody):


Don’t worry I’ve had a cup of tea and some sympathising now so I’m good to move on to other parts of my week. A few random things that happened are: I met a cheer leader, played a game of poker and kept on raising the bet, and to scare my friend I told her ‘I watch you when you’re sleeping.’ Also I had to pack ready to go home for Easter. I left all my spike heels and skin tight jeans at uni but still my suitcase weighed a ton; I don’t do heavy loads!

Without a little doubt, you probably think I’m talking like I’m crazy but this whole game is harder than it seems! Anyway, through wind and rain I got home though. Instead of being lazy this term I should have probably worked on my upper body strength as every time I encountered any stairs somebody had to help me carry my suitcase up them, probably injuring their hands! I have decided that despite the bad press London folk get, people on the tube are nice. Yes, they’re all trying to get away into the night as fast as they can but hey they will stop for a damsel in distress with a suitcase! I’ll probably never meet you, never see you guys again but thanks!

Speaking of the tube I saw this message written on the underground a couple of weeks ago. Basically it means we text as we eat, we talk as we talk, we text all the time:


So it’s only Sunday morning now but this weekend at home I’ve been sitting back with no chance of falling because I’ve hardly moved, which has put my clumsy disposition at ease! However, I have convinced myself that I’m gonna get the energy to wind me close to finishing my dissertation. Myself and my friend have agreed to meet up for study days because between us a little education should give us motivation…hopefully!

Ok so it’s just a matter of time before we reach the end of this blog. I just want you to know that you should not feel ashamed to cry if actually you’ve realised that you can’t live without Girls Aloud because I’ll stand by you. I will set up a support group/karaoke session if necessary!


p.s. Did you get them all? I’m sorry you had to endure all this but seriously this took me a lot longer to write than it took for you to read it…time well spent!

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