March 22, 2013, by Gemma

Today Is Not My Day

I’m a pretty stress-free person. Deadlines approaching? I’ll get my work done two days before. Bad hair day? I’ll just wear a hat. Oh, you broke my good China? “It’s fine; replace it in your own time”. (I don’t own any China, but you get the jist.)

But nothing prepared me for today!

The day started off really well. I woke up at 9.30am, got ready, had a breakfast biscuit with green tea. Standard morning. Then I headed into town as I had booked a deluxe aromatherapy manicure and pedicure at Sculpt Hair Gallery. The staff were friendly, offering me a hot drink, and making sure I was comfortable. My nails look pretty cool too.

As I left, it began to lightly snow. I HATE snow! Went to campus to try and fix the glitch in my dissertation’s model. I thought this would take only 5 minutes, but it didn’t! After 30 minutes of trial and error, I realised my model was kaput. I know I know, it’s my fault for leaving it so late, but I didn’t expect it to take so long. Even after a further 3 and a half hours, something was still wrong, but I had to leave Uni to pack as I was going home tonight. This means I won’t be able to do much work, if any, on my dissertation over the holidays. Strike 1!

I also forgot to return a short loan book from, so now there’s a fine of God-knows-how-much on my library card. Strike 2!

I left Hallward, and it’s pouring down with snow. I. hate. snow!

Upon finally reaching home with soaked shoes, I dried my umbrella in the living room, which I later accidentally stepped on and subsequently broke. Strike 3!

Hurriedly packed, praying I didn’t forget anything. Said my goodbyes, and stepped outside. The snow is now thundering down along with rain too. Eurrghh!

6.54pm, and the bus still hasn’t come. I usually leave an hour to get to the train station even though it’s literally 5 minutes down the road, but made an exception today. Worst idea! The bus didn’t come. Strike 4! I frantically call a cab, who then gets lost. Strike 5! 7.18pm…10 minutes before my train leaves. I have to pick up my tickets too but there’s a queue. Strike 6! 7.26pm. I ran as fast as I could up and down a flight of stairs with my massive suitcase! 7.29pm, and I watched my train leave.

Reading this back, I sound like a bit of a drama queen, but today was just not my day. Maybe this is karma of some sort.

I’m on another train now. Looking forward to hugging my parents before a weekend of chilling and recovering.

What I’ve learnt from this horrible day          

  • I hate snow more than I thought.
  • Set an alarm for returning short loan books.
  • Leave for home the day after Uni ends.
  • To carry wellies in my bag at all times until further notice.
  • Buy a warranty with any further umbrella purchase.
  • Don’t make exceptions…for anything.
  • Learn to fly?

Sorry about the rant.

See you next Friday!

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