March 29, 2013, by Gemma

Are You Ready?

For Easter?

I know I am! It’s been nearly 40 days and 40 nights without chocolate, sweets and crisps. And when Easter Sunday comes in two days time, I will finally get my fix!

In preparation, I’ve also ordered a ChokaBlok American Dreamcake Easter egg (or two) from Tesco. My family were laughing at me the other day, because I kept talking about how intrigued I was at how ChokaBlok managed to incorporate cheesecake and chocolate brownie pieces inside the shell. How is that even possible? Amazing!

For exams?

Early days, but still. Better now than never. After GCSEs and A-Levels, you might already know how you best revise. Nevertheless, the University offer some revision and examination resources to help you study.

For more food-related photos?

I’ve been back in London for about a week. And of course, food-related excursions ensued:

Dim sum in Chinatown

Dim sum in Chinatown

Dim sum wasn't filling enough

Dim sum wasn’t filling enough










Turkey goulash I made

Turkey goulash I made

Fish and chips from my local

Fish and chips from my local










So stuffed that I need to nap now.

See you in two Fridays time, and Happy Easter!

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