March 17, 2013, by Kiran

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Hey Patrick! As this is your special day I am dedicating this blog to all things Irish…you can buy me a ticket to Ireland as a thank you if you really want to. In fact, just last night my housemates and I went out sporting some rather fetching Irish themed fancy dress. Originally I wanted to go as Nadine Coyle but instead I went as a pot of gold (yes, clearly a logical thought process there!)

Below is a picture of a stray yet happy leprechaun that has happened upon a very colourful rainbow which happens to have a not so rich pot of gold at the other end of it!


I quickly realised a flaw to my chosen costume in that I actually possess very little gold items of clothing. To make up for this I made the mistake of investing in some gold hairspray. Far from Goldilocks, it actually gave the illusion that I had got blonde highlights and that is just not a good look for me. Luckily, you can’t really see it in the picture above and the colour washed out pretty easily today!

Okay I realise I went off on a bit of a self obsessed tangent there so back to the celebration of the Irish! Now we’ve all tried to imitate the lovely Irish accent so please enjoy watching these famous actors attempt it:


I definitely used to think I could River Dance because I could make the clicky clacky sound with my little heels but after watching this video I realise I have been lying to myself…and to other people!


You probably hear this song in Ocean all the time (and occasionally on The Morning Show with Kiran and Alix on URN) but when you say Ireland I hear B*Witched singing ‘uh-oh!’ I also picture a lot of denim.


And of course last and the very least, one Irish modern day legend Louis Walsh brought the world Jedward, the twin duo superstar pair and they will just not go away. So Jedward, how has world domination been going for you?


Thanks for speaking to us Jedward!


p.s. To make up for including Jedward in this blog, here is a special treat. The Irish National Anthem WITH lyrics so you can sing along in Irish even if, like me, you are not fluent!


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