March 15, 2013, by Gemma

Argo, Mothers, and the 2 Big O’s

The Big O

The Big O

A dip in the Big O

I’m not one of those people so keen on Ocean that I buy my tickets 6 weeks in advance. Before last Friday, I had only gone to Ocean once, which left me associating the club with dodgy fish and over-the-top cheesy music. But it was actually really fun last week when we went to celebrate a 22nd birthday. Although, I did get distracted on numerous occasions by the big screen showing the election candidates’ videos. Have you voted? Voting closes today at 3pm!



Mother’s Day

Unfortunately my sister and I weren’t at home to celebrate Mother’s Day, but we did send our Mum and Grandma cards and flowers. My Mum is also now the proud owner of this funky mug:

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day

She loves it so much that I don’t think she will actually ever use it. So it’ll probably just become part of the furniture…

Great film

Great film


Wednesday night we watched Argo at the Savoy. It was absolutely brilliant! Maybe even scarier than horror films because it got so tense. My friend was getting really annoyed at me towards the end because I got so fidgety with excitement and fear. I literally couldn’t stay in my seat! Also, I think the whole cinematic experience was that little bit sweeter knowing I had paid just £2 for my ticket! (Gotta love Orange Wednesdays.)








‘O’ is for Obsession

I’ve become obsessed with some new things over the week…

  • My new shoes from Internacionale

I call them my babies; wearing them everywhere I go. But I’ve been warned that over-wearing them could destroy them…so I’ll try and wear them only 6 days of the week…














  • Breakfast biscuits

These have just become biscuits seeing as I seem to eat them at every time but breakfast. Yum yum. They’re a great alternative while I avoid crisps, chocolate and sweets for Lent.

  • Jack and Mila videos

I am so jealous of the owners of actual meerkats in Hampshire. Their meerkats are adorable, and showed me that owning meerkats is possible. This has become my ultimate goal in life (no joke)!

One of my favourites:


Back next Friday!

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