March 18, 2013, by Shane

The End of Term and the Beginning of Veronica Mars

Dear Loyal Readers (okay …  Mum and Dad),

My apologies for not posting last week. My excuses are classics so I won’t bore you with length explanations (deadlines, being disorganised and this play I did), but on the plus side it means I have lots to talk about this week.

Firstly, last Monday and Tuesday saw the performances of the UNCUT play I was lucky enough to be involved with. If you got along to see it, thank you very much, we had great turn-outs on both nights which made all the hard work worth it. My cast were brilliant, professional and did my co-director and I very proud. How they learnt all their lines in 2 and a half weeks I’ll never know. Monday was spent doing last minute jobs for the show, trying to calm the actors nerves and chasing after props at the last minute – thats theatre for ya I guess.

After a successful first night I could breath for a split second, before I got back on the roller coaster and spent all of Tuesday trying to tackle the weeks of work I had been neglecting. I hate leaving work to the last minute, but when else am I going to have the awesome opportunity to put on a play?!


My awesome friend and co-director

My awesome friend and co-director

The play was an awesome experience and I’m so glad I got the chance to do it. Then Wednesday arrived with the horrible reminder of deadlines. I moved into Hallward and they only released me today on good behaviour … and I had my first hand in. Deadlines always seem to fall around the same time, and as millions of students before me have said “I’ll be more organised next time”. Alas, I live up to being the last minute man (today I handed in three minutes before the deadline – new record!)

On a separate note, something super cool I came across last week put a big smile on my face. The teen drama ‘Veronica Mars’ used to be one of my all time favourite shows; I spent countless afternoons after school watching it rather than doing my homework. Kristen Bell played a high school student by day and an undercover detective by night. The show was witty, clever and hugely addictive. Tragically it ended after three seasons and there have been rumours of a movie ever since. Then last week, the creator of the show Rob Thomas changed the game and did something radical: he proposed to fund the film through ‘kickstarter’.

Now this could be seen negatively as Hollywood being cheeky by holding the movie hostage until the fans funded the movie. However, in exchange for small donation,s fans will be given cool rewards like movie credits (e.g. associate producer), tickets to the premiere, signed stuff from the show or a documentary of the making of the film. Stuff Veronica Mars nerds go crazy for.
As a self-proclaimed Veronica Mars nerd, I was ecstatic when I found out about the film  In addition, I also think Rob Thomas is doing a super cool thing to combat the current economic climate, get fans more involved and please die-hard VM fans like myself. Check out the kickstarter proposal video. Until next week!
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