March 3, 2013, by Kiran

A Postcard from Slough

Lugging my heavy pink flowery bag to campus on Thursday may have implied that I was headed somewhere exotic after my afternoon seminar. Well, you would be right. I got straight on a bus to head to the train station and my destination was the one and only (drum roll please)…Slough!

Okay, so not really that exotic. However, as I was waiting to be picked up from the train station, I gazed at the MASSIVE Tesco and felt quite content. Yes, it’s not the Eiffel Tower or the Leaning Tower of Pisa but I think it’s probably Slough’s equivalent. 381846723_2fe2680b02_z


I should probably mention that my family don’t even shop at Tesco though…but we have many other sights to see! For example, the new and improved bus station


brunel bus


new station


No, I’m not working for Slough’s tourist board…I am just happy to be home for a little break. While I had travelled back from Nottingham, my sister came back from her school trip to the much more exotic Cape Town this week. Picking her up from the airport on Friday morning, not only was she armed with a tan, but handed me a postcard (don’t think she had really grasped the ‘post’ part of the concept!) Don’t worry I got a souvenir too but with this in mind I thought I would write a post card to all of you:

slough postcard

p.s. I have spent most of my weekend recreating this classic Friends moment, making the most out of the recliner sofas we have at home…




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