March 2, 2013, by Gemma

Take Advantage While You Can

This blog is particularly aimed at you freshers and second years that may have the mentality of “I’ll do it next year” or “We have lots of time at Uni to do that”. Well, you don’t! Time flies so quickly; before you know it, you might have missed out on the things you kept on postponing.

As a finalist, I feel like time is running out. These are the things I wish I did earlier this year, or even as soon as I started Uni:

1. If you have a bus pass, take advantage of the free travel

Go wild on public transport. As in, go somewhere in Nottingham you’ve never been before with your friends and see what goes on outside of Nottingham city centre. Maybe take a trip to Bilborough and see what’s happening there. We’re yet to do this, but hopefully this will be accomplished after Summer exams.

2. If you have a gym membership, try out all the free fitness classes

When you join an AU club, you have to buy at least the bronze sports centre membership. It’s only recently that I’ve started to fully utilise my membership when I tried aerobics on Tuesday for the first time. And now I can’t wait until the next session. Other free classes include cardio tennis and circuit training.

3. If you live on campus in first year, try all the mixes

Okay, so this one I actually did accomplish. My favourite mixes are Lenton and Wortley’s (try their bacon, cheese and baked beans on a hot jacket potato), and Willoughby’s (famous for their pizza). My friend and I even attempted a Campus-14-style task, where we had to visit all the halls for lunch. This didn’t materialise… You might as well try all the mixes while you have your food allowance on your card.

4. Try various societies in first year

It’s really easy to become engrossed in a hall bubble, and forget that people do exist outside of your group of hall friends, and there are other things you can do except watch tele in the JCR. I seem to have joined a million and one societies this year, not so wise in final year. For example, I really wish I joined lacrosse in first year. Perhaps I’d be a pro by now.

In other news…

I passed my driving theory test!!! So happy. I was really nervous in the test room, because I counted the number of questions I wasn’t sure of, and they amounted to over 7. But it all turned out fine.

Final word from Taylor Swift (I love this new “goating” fad):


See you next Friday!

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