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Noun: Something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain.

Mystery number 1: A Murder Mystery Party

We had lovely house-guests this weekend and had a murder mystery dinner party in their honour. This was hilarious. Good food. Ridiculous plot. Gallivanting. Standard.

As is customary with these things, the storyline was scandalous: affairs, manipulation of power, money, family, a curse, the 1920’s, medical deception, infidelity, you name it – it had it. It involved us dressing up and putting on daft accents and reading scripts with things we’d never normally say. A lovely break from work and a lot of fun doing something different.

murder mystery 3


Mystery number 2: A hypnotist

SB had a hypnotist perform last night with free pizza afterwards (student times). Contrary to expectations he did not look like this:


look into my eyes!

He looked like this

Alan Bates. Lad on Tour

Alan Bates. Lad on Tour

During the show I can saw things that were definitely…mysterious:

  1. People miming playing an invisible piano really intently
  2. People convinced it was freezing and huddling up very intimately to people they didn’t know for warmth
  3. One guy being convinced he had won the lottery, ringing his Dad and almost crying with happiness on the phone being completely beside himself. He was then given his cheque and told to conceal it in his underwear. When he came round he had no memory of this and was baffled to find it there!lottery-cartoon-funny-funniest-lotto-winner-pictures
  4. Another guy convinced he was the first man to give birth, with two other students convinced they were his midwives. He said whilst screaming “oh no I think this is the afterbirth” “why is there so much blood?” and “no! women are meant to do this.” Then a couple in the audience with a baby brought their little son onto the stage and the guy was convinced and so proud of his child.
  5. A girl spending the interval telling everyone aliens were coming but it’s “totally cool if you make them a cuppa”
  6. Another girl being convinced she was Santa’s little helper and getting everyone’s Christmas list – which contained things so filthy they cannot be repeated.
  7. A group of students being convinced the whole audience was naked and having shocked and appalled faces.shocked_face
  8. People being told they were getting a phone call from a celebrity they had a crush on – but the phone was their shoe. Cue people talking to their shoes very inappropriately, one girl unable to get her shoe off was talking in a very interesting yoga position.
  9. A girl being unable to recall the number 7, so going straight from 6 to 8 and concluding she had 11 fingers.
  10. A girl being convinced she is Brad Pitt. Totally certain. Then the Santa’s little helper girl wouldn’t write “his” wish down because she didn’t believe “he” was Brad Pitt – and questioning him with “Why are you on SB?” “What’s with all the hair?”

SO much crazy.

It was very good, don’t get me wrong. The guy was very skilled and a lot of very funny stuff happened. But there were times I felt the humour was a bit at other’s expense – even though they were volunteers/ victims. But it was very well received, and I will not forget the guy joyfully talking to his Dad on the phone about his winnings and then handing the phone to the hypnotist then hearing the Dad laughing his head off. Genius.

Mystery Number 3

Have a lovely week!

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