February 26, 2013, by Beca

My oh so glamorous life

And so passes yet another week in the oh so glamorous life of Beca.   A week of wandering spatulas (later found down the back of the tumble dryer), feeling about six while apologising to someone and some pretty amazing jitsu last Friday resulting in pain… nothing new (I should really learn not to hit people bigger than me).

My friend came to visit – so I stole his hat 😉


Shame he didn’t let me keep it :'(

I lost my Nandos virginity this weekend =D Where has it been all my life ?? My friend doubted my taste buds but I finished off a whole hot butterfly… medium? please…. <- I realise this phrase works in my head and in person and not in text, it’s meant to be said in a “are you kidding, I like it hot/I’m not a chicken way” as opposed to a “I’m a wimp give me medium next time” one. Definitely going back but it makes me miss proper Portuguese piri piri.. now that was hot, eye-wateringly hot.  I only ate it because I’m stubborn and didn’t want to give my dad the satisfaction.

I’m sure a fair few of you who went home this weekend ended up on a bus service from Derby or thereabouts.  While I feel bad for you, think of me! I decided Sunday was going to be a photography day so set off to Attenborough Nature Reserve with all my kit.  Upon leaving the bus at my usual place I saw nothing amiss but though the retail park it all became apparent, the tracks were closed meaning the crossing was too.  Determined not to have a) got out of bed and b) bought and indigo ticket, for nothing, we back tracked and went to a different crossing one and then finally to the actual station where the bridge was thankfully open =D


I got chased by a swan.  And when I say chased, it was actually stalking me.  Don’t get me wrong, he was beautiful and I wanted to get a picture of him but he was scarily close and each time I moved away he just followed me and followed me and followed me.  Pretty sure I’m going to need counselling to stop the nightmares !

On a much more depressing note, I really really really wish my essay would just write itself.  I’ve been working on it for months now and every time I open it I see more bits I don’t like ><

Until next week guys x

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