February 20, 2013, by Sarah

Exciting things

Since I’m supposed to be writing about student life I thought I would summarise the week in terms of “exciting things” in the life of a student.

Most exciting thing I saw this week: A pheasant. I’m not joking. Walking down my road to get to lectures, a pheasant casually strides across (Why did the pheasant cross the road? Because it’s SB and the local countryside contains a wide variety of wildlife/ to get the other side). I didn’t realise how big they were! I tried to get a picture but it had gallivanted off before I could so here is a generic pheasant picture:

It looked like this:



Soon to look like this:




Hey…SB does have a shooting society


Most exciting thing I heard this week: Rory Malone. It is the Christian Union Events week this week (#itstartshere) and Rory is a brilliant New Zealand Christian Artist who came and did a gig for us. It was really cool because he looped his music to get all these layers of sound – and so sounded like a band even though it was just him. His music is really beautiful – see for yourself! Make sure you listen for the looping/ layering – so cool.

Most exciting thing I ate this week: The Christian Union Meal with a Message dinner. A chef from our church used to work at the Hilton and made incredible curry with all the trimmings – NOM. It was a good meal and the speaker was really good. In second place. I also made pulled pork this week – by marinating pork and roasting it for 7 hours – yay.

Good food

Good food

meal with a message room

Good conversation

This week I have also been trying and failing to work, and have submitted my dissertation form – so hopefully I get the title I want!

I hope you all have a week full of exciting things!

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