February 22, 2013, by Gemma

It’s just emotions taking me over…

This week seems to be going really slowly. Maybe it’s because I went home mid-week, so I haven’t really experienced the hustle and bustle of Uni life. (I went home because there’s only one hairdresser I trust with my hair…). Nevertheless, here are some of the emotions I have experienced this week:


The CU hosted a play called ‘Three Witnesses’ at the East Midlands Conference Centre, which was performed by Saltmine. It was basically about Luke’s Gospel, but set in modern time. The actors were absolutely brilliant and I was literally sitting with my mouth agape, totally engrossed and in awe of their amazing acting.

Randomly after, we were offered Maltesers but the catch was to get the Malteser out of its box using chopsticks. It was surprisingly easy, but probably because the Maltesers weren’t perfectly round.

Maltesers challenge

Maltesers challenge










maltesers (1)

maltesers (2)










Realised there’s only a month of term left until Easter Holidays! And this only means one thing: exams are looming! It’s so depressing to think about, especially when we literally just got results. 🙁

Dim sum

Dim sum


Bought a deal on Wowcher (twice!), which entitles me and my lucky companion to lots of dim sum in Chinatown! So there’s something to look forward to in Easter. I’ve been craving dim sum for a while now, so can’t wait to get my fix.





Finally booked my driving theory test. Everyone tells me I’ll be fine, and that people pass without even revising. But how awful it would be for me to fail the theory test, which is meant to be the easiest part of the whole process of getting that beautiful pink licence. Eeeek!


So I had a blond moment yesterday while using the computer at home. I was trying to click a link, but the cursor was all over the place. Turns out I was using the mouse upside down. Wooops.





So the latest new craze seems to be uploading your own ‘Harlem Shake’ video. You basically video one person dancing crazily for about 15 seconds, then when the beat drops, everyone joins in. These are my two favourites, sure to make you smile:


See you next Friday!


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