February 19, 2013, by Beca

Hey, it’s OK

Waiting for the treasury to open this morning I bought my first magazine of 2013 and found this while flicking though;


I’m pretty sure it was written for me.  A combination of rum, a bad knee and heels saw me flashing my underwear on Saturday night.  No-one noticed… at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

* * *

Jitsu nationals never fails to deliver  a good night out; the best way to wind down after a hard days training, the feeling of awesomeness when you still make the session the following day.  I had my shoes stolen and consequently demanded a piggy back home from the last guy to be seen wearing them, I fell over on the dancefloor and to cap it all off, a game of pool resulted in the majority of the hotel being woken up at around 0230 by a fire alarm.

This week’s fancy dress was alkatraz escapee

Of course the training was awesome too, and the competition. I learnt a lot about focus and how important it is, how much it can improve what you do. Managed to go all the way to Walsall and still find myself surrounded by ‘green chat’ when I ended up sat next to a few guys from a military jitsu club. They were pretty good looking, what more can I say ? ^^

Nottingham did amazing this year winning 5 medals in total; I got silver in my category (one better than last year) *dance* 🙂 Well worth being smacked in the face during my first fight… getting lost in Nottingham station wasn’t quite as fun though.  I must have walked up and down the same two platforms about six times looking for the loos and then when it came to trying to find my way out… Maybe it was lack of sleep/being hit in the face; but seriously? that place is a maze right now with random bits blocked off here and there!

* * *

I’ve been so happy these last few days.  It’s great 🙂  Just have to keep my chin up while wading through my essay – as much as I love it and love researching it, it’s not the easiest topic to put into words.

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