January 28, 2013, by Ollie

Sorry isn’t the hardest word…

Sorry seems to be the hardest word, or is it? I think there is another word that is harder than sorry and that is ‘Goodbye’. Both words ‘Sorry’ and ‘Goodbye’ are words that are probably said every day but rarely are they meant to their full extent. So what is Goodbye? Goodbye is…

Used to express good wishes when parting or at the end of a conversation.
An instance of saying “goodbye”; a parting: “a final goodbye”.

Goodbye can be said as mentioned, when parting company with a friend you’ll see soon and this is how it is most often used but sometimes it is used as the final goodbye and that’s when it becomes the hardest word to say. Nobody ever wants to say the final goodbye to friends or family but it’s something we have to do in life.

This week meant freedom from exams (hooray) for most, but for a few it meant the end of an experience. Some Erasmus students have with the end of their exams come to the end of their Semester studying abroad. Being a fresher is all about the halls experience and part of that is sharing accomodation with Erasmus students, students who are studying here at the University of Nottingham on an exchange from their home Universities. Whilst some stay for a whole year, some are just here for a semester.

Being a fresher one of the most daunting things about coming to University is having to throw yourself at it and make the most of the opportunities you find yourself presented with, such as making new friends, having survived the exams I can now reflect on the first term and think about, how natural it has been adjusting to University life, but, consider how hard it must be doing all that  in a NEW country and only for a limited amount of time. I’ve come to realise in a few months friendships can be built on foundations that will last for years and years to come. It’s not about the time spent together but the memories that can be kept forever.

Now there is a new daunting prospect facing me as a fresher, having to say Goodbye. So what better way can I say it than on here. Goodbye Diego and Antonio and to many others who I have met and have finished their Erasmus journey. Good luck to you all and may our paths cross again one day!

as a footnote, shame on me for not making sure we had some pictures together that I could have included. So instead…



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