January 25, 2013, by Gemma

Officially Finished

The sheer joy I am feeling right now is unbelievable.


Exams are finished!! It’s a bit surreal; there’s still a little voice in my head telling me to revise, but it should soon subside.

This is me happily ripping up some notes and throwing them in the air:




+ Shred




+ Throw


= Happy

















For the rest of the day, I’m going to take it extremely easy. I’m not even going to cook, opting for a frozen pizza for lunch and dinner my mum made me at home. I literally don’t want to be disturbed unless the house is on fire, while I watch endless hours of TV, and drift in and out of sleep.

It’s funny because after weeks of hard work, now the simplest tasks become a struggle. Those bits of paper I just ripped up and threw up in the air…still on my bedroom floor…

This week

I’m looking forward to a celebratory Chinese take-out tomorrow with some gin and juice, nights out for 21st birthdays, and most importantly… no work! The only thing I’ll be writing down in the next few days is my food shopping list.

I’ll also be checking out the Refreshers’ Fair on Tuesday in the Portland Building. There are so many societies, many of which I’ve never even heard of and will be holding taster sessions. Plus, I can’t say no to freebies.


Before I go, and seeing as your brains might still be in hyperactive mode, I’d like to share a riddle:

A man has been fishing and has caught a fish. He returns to land, goes into a telephone box, and calls his best friend to tell him about the fish. He dies while on the phone. How?

(I’ll reveal the answer next Friday!)

End note from Kool & The Gang…

(Check out the My Wife and Kids’ homage to it too)



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