January 23, 2013, by Sarah

A Picture of Freedom

So my exams are finished (sorry to those still fighting on – stay strong) and initially I felt like this:


Then I slept



And started to catch up on TV and my books I got for Christmas.


Some of the TV programs I don’t even know why I watched them – Young, Mormon and Single has got to be one of the most depressing programs ever.

Then I went to church



Ate egg and soldiers – the ultimate comfort food


Had long phone conversations with friends and family


And Yesterday I went for post-exam celebratory cocktails at Coco Tang in Nottingham.

cocktail 2

Such an attractive photo

Such an attractive photo

It was actually really nice to go out and do something fun – and cocktails are more of a special occasion drink anyway. It’s also quite fun watching them being made with all the pouring and crushing and shaking etc. I would recommend it. But not the “Drunken Dragonfly” – that tastes like feet.

Seriously – it was the athlete’s foot of the cocktail world.

So after cocktails

We got home and today I am seeing Life of Pi with a friend which I am really looking forward to 🙂 I have heard very good things about it – although I don’t have a clue what it’s about, but that could make it exciting.

SB is rather pretty at the moment with the snow:


View from our dining room window

But the hopper buses have still been running which is good. As exams have been pretty hardcore it’s nice to take the time whilst you can to relax. Although I am looking forward to the new term, new modules and new stuff to learn. I am less looking forward to new coursework but you can’t have everything!

Hope everyone is enjoying or looking forward to post-exam rest!

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