January 15, 2013, by Beca

Retaining the will to live

It’s a feeling I’m sure you’re becoming all too familiar with this week, the will to live slowly seeping through your fingers with every page of text you read, every sentence you write.  Take heed guys, there is an end! Apparently. If you find it let me know.

Not going to lie, this week hasn’t been the most interesting, consisting of days spent pouring over my notes and wondering what possessed me to annotate my notes with an arrow towards a sparrow and the word ‘SCREWED’ underneath.  I finally realised two days later what I’d meant.  Two days of being annoyed at myself for not writing something explanatory. Lesson learnt.  The few times I’ve braved the outdoor world have resulted in taking twice as long as normal to get anywhere due to the pavements being a combination of slush, ice and slush with ice underneath.  I have so far *touch wood* stayed on my feet, it’s only a matter of time.  Cadets have replaced my brothers on the ‘being annoying cause there’s a bit of snow’ front and saw fit to inadvertently involve me in a snowball fight… apparently he wasn’t aiming at me.

I did cheer up walking to my exam this morning though, well worth getting up for… the sunrise not the exam.


I hope all your exams are going well and don’t forget nightline is open 24/7 at the moment if you’re feeling the strain (or just need a chat).  0115 951 4985.

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