January 16, 2013, by Sarah

I dreamed a dream…

les mis

There was a time exams were kind

When answers were clear

And MCQ’s inviting

There was a time when examiners were blind

And life was a song

And grades were exciting

There was a time (KS2)

Then it all went wrong


I dreamed a dream in time gone by

When free time was high

And work not my living

I thought my social life would never die

I thought examiners were forgiving

Then I was young and doing SAT’s

And exams didn’t really matter

There was no revision of types of fats

Nothing that left your brain in tatters


But the caffeine comes at night

With its buzzing, twitching thunder

As it tears your sleep apart

As they turn your dream to ash


I had a summer holiday that was free

I filled its days with work and play

I took the freedom in my stride

But now it’s gone, and winter came


And still I dream a first will come to me

That my life won’t be revision

But there are dreams that cannot be

And this degree was my decision!


I had a dream my exams would be

Much easier than the ones I’ve taken

So different now from what they seemed

Now exams have killed the dream I dreamed

So I’ve had exams.

And I watched Les Mis.

And that’s what happened.

The exams actually weren’t that bad and I definitely don’t regret my degree but the idea came to me and I thought I’d go with it! Only one left to do, it should be ok. This made a good break for me anyway. Then the best part is that after tomorrow I have 10 FREE DAYS!! I have A LOT of tv to catch up on and I haven’t read my Christmas books and have been pining to do so  – so I can’t wait! Les Mis was amazing by the way, not as good as the stage show but then it never could be, so definitely I recommend.

Here’s the actual version if you don’t know it:

Hope everyone’s exams are going well! Expect a fuller blog from me once it’s all over!

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