December 25, 2012, by Beca

So This Is Christmas

A time for all to find their inner child

My body clock decided it was Christmas Day at 6am this morning; by 7am I was bouncing up and down the corridor with my youngest brother, racing down the stairs to sort the stack of presents (which has been accumulating under the tree for the past few days) into piles for each person.  When everyone else finally woke up / were dragged out of bed by my youngest brother we opened our presents and went to Mass. After, my brothers retreated to their respective gaming platforms of choice leaving the rest of us with my homemade rum truffles and a healthily stocked alcohol cabinet.

I made my first ever balloon animal, can you guess what it is ?

                       …. me neither

Traveling before Christmas, must be an idiot

Getting home was a long and at times tedious ordeal.  Twenty something hours on the coach home from Austria battling the start of a hangover after a total of perhaps an hours sleep, followed by attempting to find a way home on the chaos masquerading as England’s transport system.  Nearly missed my change but a marine I’d been chatting to woke me up just before my stop. I gave him a cookie.

Ex. Frosted Emu

My absence last week was due to my attendance on an OTC ski trip to Austria.  It was some of the most amazing skiing of my life and definitely the most ‘studenty’ I’ve been since getting to uni.  My only injury of the week came from walking to the bar on the last night, can’t even blame alcohol! There was lots of pizza, no hands pizza, end of the world shots (and we survived shots), more drinking games than I remember and some Sandhurst guys dressed in Dino costumes.

Face full of tomato

Definitely need to work on my Dinosaur impressions

There's me on the far end, looking ever so cool ^^

There’s me on the far end, looking ever so cool ^^


I hope you’ve all had an amazing few days and Christmas has been as special and peaceful as it should be.

x x x

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