December 21, 2012, by Gemma

Confessions of a Uni Student

1.57 pm, Friday 21st December 2012, and we have survived the apparent end of the world. Today the Maya calendar ends and a new baktum (cycle of 140,000 days) begins.

Around the world, some people have reacted to the end of the world prediction in various ways. For example, some attended doomsday parties, some stockpiled food and other necessities, and some confessed their deepest darkest secrets and embarrassing stories.

My doomsday confessions

  • I’ve pretended to be asleep to avoid certain activities, like getting up to answer the phone or doorbell.
  • Often, I miss the ‘push’ or ‘pull’ sign on doors, and do the complete opposite…twice!
  • I’ve fell going up the stairs in most of the buildings on campus. Luckily, my dark skin hides the embarrassment on my face.
  • When in a lecture and I’m not feeling particularly sociable, I’ve pretended to read through my notes to avoid saying hi/smiling to people I know walking into the lecture theatre.
  • Sometimes the only reason I go to the library between lectures is to charge my mobile phone. (For emergency-related reasons of course.)

Do you have anything to confess? Maybe you’re secretly a Belieber?

Bieber Christmas fever:

Speaking of Christmas…

Four days until Christmas! 😀 I’m really looking forward to stuffing my face and giving presents in celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. A Christmas-related confession…I haven’t done my Christmas present shopping! Wooops!  I should be able to get it all done tomorrow after meeting friends for some Mexican food.

Being back in my London home has been bliss, especially the sleeping in and enjoying a warm house bits. It has also meant I’ve brought back some bad habits…

5 inevitable things that happen every holiday, and no matter how many times you say it won’t happen next holiday, it does:

1. “I’ll go to bed super early and wake up early so I can get lots of revision done.” EPIC FAIL! The earliest I’ve woken up so far is 11.30a.m. My personal best was 2.30pm after my first night’s sleep at home.

2. You promise your parents you’ll cook all the time because you want to show off the new recipes you’ve mastered. Coq au vin anyone? You cook 6 times in the first week of the holidays, and then struggle to even put a pizza in the oven in the remaining weeks.

3. You speak to your siblings loads when you’re at Uni, thinking that when you come back home you’ll be the best of friends. Within a few hours of being in each other’s presence, you bicker over whose turn it is to do the washing up that week.

4. You and your friends plan to do amazingly cool things that you haven’t done before because going out for dinner or to the pub are becoming a tad old. You return to Uni with a million photos of you and your friends at dinner and the pub…Things never change.

5. Your parents are genuinely excited to see you after such a long time, but within an hour of your arrival,

Some call it 'messy', I call it art...

Some call it ‘messy’, I call it art…

they complain about the mess you’ve made. Although, to be honest, a couple of folders and pens on the dining table is not the end of the world…is it?

See you next Friday!


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