December 19, 2012, by Sarah


I’ve clicked my Ruby slippers, followed the scent –it’s my home Ratty!, told everybody I’m on my way (who gets all three references?) and I am home for Christmas.

T minus 6 days and counting.


Home is lovely and altogether too distracting for revision. I find the Christmas holidays so much harder to work in because there is a lot of other stuff going on – seeing friends, family, sorting the Christmas Dinner, celebrating. It all takes time. But it’s good.

Yesterday we – and when I say we I mean I, as my family aren’t that fond of decorating – finished decorating the tree yesterday. It is tradition to do this whilst listening to Tiyuana Brass Christmas songs, a tape of music my Grandparents used to listen to when putting up the tree when my Dad was small. It is brass band jazzy swing-ish versions of carols – imagine the Salvation Army meets the Pink Panther and you’ve got some idea what it’s like.

So here is Tiyuana Brass.

Here is the tree.


Here is the fireplace.


I went for More is Less

And it’s only 6 days to go!!!

I still get really excited about Christmas – which I know is childish but I can’t help it. I’ve got most of my Christmas shopping done now but it hasn’t all really sunk in. I’ve also been doing shifts working as a Care Assistant like I did over the summer – but I’m bank so they ring me if they need me. This is great practice for saying no, which I’m not very good at, because although it’s great working there and I enjoy it, I think if I worked as much as they wanted me too I’d fail my exams and Christmas would pass me by. So I’m just trying to balance it all out – eeek!

The last week of term was pretty hectic – saying goodbye to people etc. Went to the Christmas Dining in which is a formal meal the University Halls of Residence put on. It was really nice as I went with my flatmates from first year – we were in a Hall called Rempstone. There were helium balloons on each table weighted down with some concrete in wrapping paper. My friend Caoimhe optimistically thought this weight was a gift of chocolate for each table and thus released the concrete cone from it’s decorative casing and thus the Remp Stone was born (get it?). It’s like the Philosopher’s Stone but without any powers, but obviously now a huge sentimental value.

The Remp Stone

Well I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and will speak to you again soon!

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