December 16, 2012, by Kiran

Dear Diary,

Seeing as I wrote my first blog from home, it seems rather appropriate to be writing this blog about the last week of term from the very same place. Everything has gone full circle.

So it has been a pretty hectic week and with essays handed in, I have been inspired to add some structure to this week’s blog (mainly to avoid a rambling stream of conscious…I apologise for this in previous weeks.) Providing a day by day account of the series of events that have occurred this week, here is an access all areas sneak peek into my diary for this week:


Monday 10th December

Media Masquerade Ball. It started at 7pm. I had a seminar until 6pm. Following a mad rush home, borrowing my housemate’s dress and a battle with the curlers, I put my mask on and headed to the ball. Other than it being a great night because of the company, I was just happy to be given some proper food in the form of a three course meal!   




Tuesday 11th December

Essay Deadline a-looming! Having promised myself to no longer leave my work to the last minute, I had gone and left this essay to the day before it was due in. I work best under pressure I told myself. It is only 1500 words I told myself, when I am fully aware that it usually takes me a whole day to work up to an introduction! After half an all nighter, several disruptions from my housemates (including a rather annoyingly clever attempt to hack into the laptop I was using) and many cups of tea, the essay was written and formatted and ready to hand in the next day!


Wednesday 12th December

The moment of truth. It was time for the last Kiran and Alix Show of the year and the feeling in the URN studio was that of tension. Every week myself and Alix had battled in out through song, choosing tunes to best represent the theme of that week and because of the high calibre of music, coming into the final week we were tied at 3-3. This was the deciding week. Who would not only be crowned Christmas Champion but Champion of the Term, going into the New Year with a one up advantage?! I’ll put you out of your misery. It was me. (Yay! Winning song below…)




Thursday 13th December

The Pillowman. The only thing worth mentioning today was my visit to the New Theatre to see their production of The Pillowman. Darkly amusing and some rather clever staging; if you missed it, you missed out. Luckily you can read the review on the Impact website (you knew I would have to plug something at some point!)





Friday 14th December

Christmas Meal with a twist. Instead of being productive, I took part in URN’s Christmas show. Given £5 for a shopping spree at the SU Shop and pitted against another of one of URN’s most prestigious daytime presenters, we had to create our own Christmas meal with points awarded for taste and presentation. My offering was that of a frozen yorkshire pudding accompanied with a mass of equally frozen gravy and sausage meat along with some chilli flavoured crisps, all garnished with mince pies and washed down with an iced tiramisu latte (my substitute for eggnog!) On my opponent’s menu was a chicken and stuffing sandwich (bread not included) unopened cans of salmon and carrots (attacking them with a screwdriver had not worked) and some aspirin for dessert. Who would the judges choose? Who would be crowned culinary genius? I’ll put you out of your misery. It was me. (Yay again!)       



Saturday 15th December

Pack up and Leave. After already having filled one suitcase with washing, I just had to finish packing and wait for my family to come and pick me up, which they did. All I have to do now is unpack…


p.s. I don’t actually have a diary. This was merely a fabrication to introduce this blog. I apologise for lying.

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