December 12, 2012, by Sarah

So this is…Fakemas

In case you didn’t know – Fakemas is Christmas you celebrate with your Uni friends before breaking up for Christmas holidays.

Deadlines are almost over, my boots are skidding on frozen leaves, cactus santas are in the shops (no seriously, I’m not joking, see below) so what does this mean? It’s almost holiday time!

Just Why?

This week I have two different Fakemas meals I am going to which is exciting – although a bit hectic. I can’t quite believe a whole term of my third year has gone by and have been doing Christmas shopping in disbelief.

This weekend my friend Pete came to stay and we were gallivanting all weekend – naturally.

We are so gangsta

We went to Loughborough and saw some interesting things:

Why is it gentle? Gentle to your digestive system? What does it mean?

Ate cheesecake at the cheesecake shop – NOM.

So. Good.


Tried to take photos for this blog:

Don’t ask.

Marilyn loved being in the photos









Also it was market day in Loughborough. I have a sort of compulsion whereby if people shout if things are a pound at me – I have to buy them. Also I love fruit. So this is what happened.


It’s mine – ALL MINE!!! Muahahaha!

So now I have 14 types of fruit right now – loving life.

Also the market was selling Tesco raspberries (out of date but fine) for 2 for £1, although it said 2 for £4 on the packet  – seems legit.

We also walked a bit, went to the Uni carol service, played Balderdash with friends, watched TV and generally chatted and ate lots. Good times. Plus there is something quite Christmassy about boardgames and Balderdash was particularly hilarious.

I am very much looking forward to going home however, catching up with people and living the dual life that is being a Student in somewhere different to your home town. I’m still not really used to it and sometimes will make in-jokes appropriate to one group of friends with the other group – which of course just makes you look mental. I’m being picked up on Saturday but on Friday I am going to see the hobbit and I can’t wait!


To get you all in the festive spirit – here is the most cheesy, nauseating Christmas pap that you will ever hear:

I mean I love Jesus but really? REALLY?

Merry Fakemas everyone!

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