December 12, 2012, by Beca

Much love for the people of Nottingham over here

This week I nearly ended up having ‘bitten by a squirrel’ added to my medical file but (thankfully) due to my wimpishness and jumping half a mile when a squirrel ran up my leg, I don’t.  Two of my friends do; think the squirrels of University Park are getting far too bold for their boots.  However, got myself some nice shots of the darling (*sarcasm*) creatures.


One event this week I’m sure will stay with me for a long time to come; just remembering it moves me which feels strange given it’s something many people would see as unremarkable and insignificant….

It’s Thursday, around 11:30pm.  I’m stood in a floor length red dress waiting with some of the Jitsu guys for the 36 to turn up and take us home to lovely warm homes.  Outside one of the restaurants opposite a homeless man is laid barely conscious, a half empty bottle among the belongings he holds against himself.  Unsure about whether the restaurant owner knew any first aid, myself and one of the lads went over and moved the guy into the recovery position (yes, in heels and a full length dress, bet I looked a right sight).  We only stayed for maybe 5 minutes, the ambulance was on its way, but in that time so many people stopped to ask if they could help, to ask if the guy was ok.  I really felt for humanity in that time, how much people clearly cared for someone they knew nothing about.  Yes these people could be on the streets for any reason and few of us would ever welcome one into your home, but when this guy was really in need everyone that passed stepped up.

Caroling ^^

I’ve definitely been getting into the Christmas spirit this week, first the Christian Union carol service on Friday and then Grace Church’s on Sunday.  They were beautiful in very different ways, and I got to dress up after the second =D

I’m going on a ski trip with the OTC on Friday to do some what I hope to be epic training before Christmas so I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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