December 10, 2012, by Kiran

A Lot of Cheese




This week I have lived off cheese.

I have always said anything can be made to taste better if you just grate a bit of cheese on the top…well, maybe not everything but it really doesn’t have the same ring to it if you say all savoury things (apart from if there’s gravy involved) taste better if you add a sprinkling of cheese!


ANYWAY I don’t just mean literally, I mean that cheesy feeling that accompanies this time of year. It might have something to do with the fact that last night I went to go and see Theatre Royal’s pantomime Cinderella with my friend who was reviewing it for Impact (hint, hint, everyone go and read the review online) and we were basically transformed into four year olds again. Four year olds that laughed cheekily at all the innuendos and had a glass of champagne in the interval…but we did prioritise ice cream over the champagne so really we are kids at heart!


It was also that time of year that our house held its annual Cheese and Wine Night (not as posh or as dignified as it sounds!) However, when it came to deciding which cheese to purchase we must have spent at least half an hour switching between the stalls at the Christmas market, sampling a lot of cheese as a result (not that we were complaining!) We finally did decide…on four types of different cheeses!


Also, a tenuous link to cheese but my friends from home came up to visit me on Monday and we went to Oceana but the cheesy music room was closed. However, that did not stop the cheesy grins on our faces all night! Apologies for that terrible cringe worthy sentence but please see an example below…


Well on that cheesy note, everyone have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year…between all that essay writing that is!


p.s. Took my friends to the Christmas market. Cue more cheesy smiles…





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