December 7, 2012, by Gemma

The End is Nigh

End of term is fast approaching. For me, this means sleeping in the afternoon as lecturers end their modules. For example, yesterday was “Lazy Thursday”, a bit like ‘Lazy Sunday’ by my favourite band The Lonely Island…

…But without the cupcakes and calling Chris Parnell “just to see how he’s doing” bits, and instead of watching Narnia I watched horror film ‘The Cell’. I love lazy days! “True that, double true”…

Birthday cake

End of term also means looking into the fridge to see how much you have left to eat before the fridge is turned off over the holidays. Innovative ways to get through half a bottle of salad cream? After Googling “things to do with salad cream” I came across a website dedicated to salad cream.

The author has a “special relationship” with salad cream. It seems they put it on just about everything! There aren’t many posts, but it’s a pretty interesting site. I mean, who would have thought to add salad cream to stir fry?! Mindblown!

Other mundane things to do before end of term include doing some washing, packing my suitcase, and tidying my room…which most likely will be left until the day I’m actually leaving…

Sadly, end of term also meant I had my last aerials class on Wednesday. 🙁






On Tuesday night, I tried out Dogma for the first time. I have to admit, I was a bit sceptical about going to this club because ‘music without words that I can’t sing along to’, isn’t my sort of thing. It didn’t help that my mate brought out earplugs and started talking about the risk of tinnitus…Eeeek! But it was actually a fun night! We started off with cocktails (their passionfruit caipirinha was fruity and delicious!) before eyeing up the never-ending queue to the basement. Luckily, we had bought our tickets in advance, so could go straight down to collect wristbands. After a couple of hours of dancing on a sticky floor to songs I didn’t know, they played ‘Return of the Mack’, which I actually knew! The over-the-top excited dancing thus commenced. I’m not sure if I would go to Dogma again, but at least I can cross it off my (imaginary) bucket list.

Deal of the week

I just ordered £10 worth of food for FREE! is holding Free Pizza Week.


1990s nostalgia:

See you next Friday!



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