December 4, 2012, by Beca


Saturday saw the annual OTC Christmas dinner; dinner jackets, self-tied bow ties and martini’s at the reception.  Theme you say? Skyfall! The ladies bought their gowns, in some cases more than one (just in case) while the gentlemen desperately scavenged YouTube for a step by step guide to tying their own bow ties.

The soup course fell foul of the shooting balloons (those ones you blow up and then the fly around the room for a bit), cutlery and chairs mysteriously went missing if one was rude enough to leave the table between courses – someone even lost their desert to their hungry fellow cadets.  The desert course was voluntarily hands free, or not so voluntary for those aforementioned who found themselves short of spoons.

Après dinner entertainment consisted of the judging of the movember attempts with prizes and fines dished out for best, worst, and those who shamelessly shaved theirs off before the event.  An in house casino, DJ and random episodes of ‘ Rescue the President’ rounded off the night before the after-party in town for those still standing; ie. not me.

I hope those of you attending hall and society formals enjoy yourselves as much as I did; two more for me this week 🙂

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