December 5, 2012, by Sarah

Big Brother is watching…the BBC Good Food Show


Thank Goodness it’s set in 1984! PHEW



Ever wondered where the phrases “big Brother” and “room 101” come from? Well the answer is the novel 1984 by George Orwell; a bleak portrayal of a future where a dictatorship rules humanity and life is defined by the slogans above.

The New Theatre (the only student run theatre company in the country) performed it last week and it was excellent. The New Theatre make going to the theatre convenient and affordable which is awesome as a student.  Plus, before the performance started they had actors circulating in the theatre lobby, looking brainwashed and quite scary, it really added to the play and was a nice evening out. My only niggle was that they weren’t that true to the book but I am pedantic about that kind of thing anyway (I have a hatred of the Harry Potter films) but it was well worth seeing.



Another awesome thing that happened this week was that SB Food Society and Dietetic and Nutrition Society organised a trip to the BBC Good Food Show.

It was epic.

So many free samples, so many cool foods, so exhausting! I bought some Christmas presents (as it’s now December AHHH) and some fun stuff like a mini whisk to make frothy coffee that’s so powerful it can whisk water into foam, chestnut puree, a purple knife and other random bits and bobs.

When you’re so excited it becomes fear

I challenge you to a duel


The only issue has been the whisk is so                    powerful I fill my mug entirely with foamy milk then can’t fit any coffee in – #firstworldproblems








I also saw Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry from the Great British Bake Off plus some of the contestants *fangirl shriek*

They’re so beautiful

We also saw Gino D’Acampo cook in the “Supertheatre.” It was completely surreal. He was just flirting with the audience, bringing ladies onto the stage and doing the whole lady and the tramp spaghetti kissing thing, being rude and I’m pretty sure most of the women in that theatre were having a hot flush.

It was the last show of the day so he was saying rude words to see how the lady doing the sign language interpreted them, then miming with her “the BBC can’t tell me off because she’s the one saying it…how do you say I’m having Spotted Dick for Christmas?”.

Then, to make it even crazier he brought on his friend to help him – Peter Andre.

Of all the people I expected to see, it wasn’t him. Cue more swooning/ wooping from the audience and general oestrogen. It was amusing. They may have done some cooking but to be honest I’m not sure. Lol.

It’s not a great quality photo but I’m pretty sure most of the women there have the image of them emblazoned eternally in their minds…

Fungalow Corner: My friends who live in a bungalow (which is fun of course), who brought you such phrases as “FatLad Hench” wanted to be featured again on this blog, so I thought I would bring some of their antics to your attention.

They have discovered that a surefire way to minimise the amount of food shopping you have to do and infuriate the Tesco delivery driver is to order 99 – the maximum you can order – of some kind of Tesco Value food. Often some of that 99 is substituted for better brands than Tesco Value so, and I quote, “you make money.”

Well, they were realising that as the world will end this year, they needed to stock up on essentials, which was eventually narrowed down to cola and rich tea biscuits. So, Lo and Behold:

Completely fine – until you need to pack to go home













Everything the average student needs.

When I saw this I burst out laughing – plus they walk across all that cola (surely it could explode?!?) to pick out the brands they want. Mental.

Have a good week everyone!

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