December 3, 2012, by Shane

Mr Independent

On Thursday of last week I was struck with an unfortunate case of man flu: an awful illness that most men are susceptible too, which really knocks you for six. I’m not gonna lie it wasn’t easy, but I feel like I’m on the mend (thank you for your concern!). This weekend my poor housemates have had to deal with an irritable, whiny, man-child, but I think the guys sympathize with my pain.

So in between complaints and nose blowing, I got to thinking about being independent at University. Now if you’re at University you probably already are a self-sufficient, independent, individual; yet it doesn’t mean you don’t miss those home comforts when you get ill.

At home when I’m ill my Mum will make me whatever food I want, bring me all the hot drinks I ask for and generally nurse me back to health. I get looked after well!

At University you’ll be lucky to get a cup of tea off your housemates when you’re ill (luckily I have really nice housemates).  But even then, you still have to cook for yourself, do your own washing, clean up after yourself and write essays if you have deadlines coming up.

Personally I think man flu justifies a deadline extension, but I don’t think that’ll fly with my seminar tutors. In addition, since I’ve come to Uni my parents have become less sympathetic when I get ill. Once upon a time I would receive the treatment described above, nowadays its “take a painkiller, buck up and get over it” (also known as tough love).

If you’re ill and deadlines do come up, you just have to make the most of the time you have and do the best you possibly can, there’s nothing else you can do. It also doesn’t help that student housing isn’t the best insulted accommodation; this makes it hard to fight off an illness when you can see your own breath in your room.

On the plus side I did spend the weekend devouring packets of chocolate digestives and tea, take-aways, and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream (helps with the throat – medicinal purposes, you know). If you are also ill at the moment, I feel your pain! Just remember there are only two weeks left of this term before we break up for Christmas! So not long, just need a final push 🙂

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