December 2, 2012, by Kiran

And It’s Back to Work…

The play is over. The new issue of Impact is out. Radio show for next week is already planned. That can only mean one thing…I either have to clean my room or actually get back to focusing on that degree I have to pass at the end of the year!

Instead I have chosen to write this blog. But as soon as I’ve done this, I’ll go straight back to work…



Then again, as you can see from the picture above (please don’t judge me!) my room is very messy and in order to work it is important to have a relaxing and organised working space so maybe I should have a belated spring clean and then I will really be able to focus.

But speaking of focus, like a good student should, I actually have been prioritising work this week, catching up on my reading, enthusiastically contributing to seminars, filling out applications and generally researching what I might like to do with my life after I graduate.

My room has been a mess since first year (example below) and I’ve made it to third year so clearly it doesn’t have too much of an impact on my work ethic.



EXCEPT I do have friends from home coming up this week and so at some stage or another I will have to make my house presentable for them and using this logic I should just get it over with, bust out the duster and recreate a ‘super-sped-up-clean-up-montage-to-music-moment.’



Or maybe it would be better to just head to the library and buckle down and work, which I imagine would go something a bit like this (but instead of equations, picture Shakespeare quotes)



Well I should really bring this blog to an end so I can get back to my work…


p.s. On second thoughts I’m going to clean my room first.



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