November 30, 2012, by Gemma

Happy Friesday!

Today is Friesday…this means Burger King is giving away free fries. True story! After lectures, a friend and I hopped on the bus 34 and went to Burger King for the delicious treat. If you are reading this and it is still Friday 30th November, head on down to Burger King. YUM!

In honour of Friesday…I thought I’d blog about the other free things I have taken advantage of during the week:

  • Free Christmas cocktail at Vodka Revs
All we had to do was flash the voucher on our phones (download VoucherCloud on your smartphone), and within moments we were sipping on ‘Santa Baby’ and ‘Frappatini’ cocktails.

  • Free whole chicken at Nando’s

This was with the Nando’s loyalty card. I had enough stamps to get a whole chicken, which my friend I shared (honest, we did share!…I’m not that greedy!)


Nando’s whole chicken

  • Free Special K Biscuit Moments Strawberry bar from Boots

I printed off a voucher that I got through The bar was pretty good. If you love Special K cereal, try their Biscuit Moments.

Special K Biscuit Moments

  • Free Advent calendar from Lidl

Again, from good ol’ Although, I totally forgot that you’re meant to open the doors from 1st December…Wooops! I’m pretty much halfway through the calendar now.


Highlight of the week

I’m finally getting the hang of silks! Yay!

Aerial silks class

See you next Friday!

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