November 25, 2012, by Kiran

It’s only November!

So I am writing this blog whilst eating a Christmas biscuit and although I resent the fact that the Christmas spirit seemed to infect everyone from the start of November…I have to admit this biscuit is pretty good!



Accused of being a Grinch by my housemates (even to the point where I was refused said biscuit!) my main reason for not partaking in the premature celebrations is that it actually ruins Christmas. By 25th December I am sick to death of every single possible Christmas song that exists and cannot stand the sight of mince pies. Luckily there are presents and food to distract me from this.

The Christmas tree is already up…


HOWEVER before you all rush to agree with my Grinch status, with exactly a month until Christmas I guess that now is an acceptable time to get festive. Now I may have only said this to get a biscuit but it is true that being at university, we have two times the amount of Christmas we should (not that I’m complaining…let’s make that clear!)

As it’s so hard to co-ordinate 10 people and their ever changing timetables, our proposed Christmas meal for this year is the 5th December. Last year, I was in charge of the potatoes and went into mum mode and it is actually one of the best memories I have of second year.

To further prove my pro-Christmas attitude, I am taking part in two secret santas and the names have already been picked out for the Impact secret santa…which means I have also begun my investigation into whom each person was assigned!

I’m just looking forward to our annual cheese and wine night where the girls dress up as santas and the boys dress up as elves and we generally have a very merry time.


Uh-oh…I think it’s hit me too!



p.s. Please note that not once during this blog have I plugged anything I have been doing this week but…

p.p.s. That doesn’t count!

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