November 27, 2012, by Beca

On being 21

Today marks my reaching of the grand old age of 21, and as one of my friends pointed out, I’m now legal in America! This didn’t stop me being ID’d in Wetherspoons at 4 in the afternoon to buy myself a Chicken Tikka…. WHAT? Typically I had nothing on me but they said only one of us needed it and my friends didn’t fail me (thankfully).

This morning I practically jumped on the postman who arrived as I was leaving; like a 6 year old at Christmas.  My room feels birthday-like now =D  I even got one from my little brothers so feeling pretty special.

My last weekend a 20 year old was spent with the OTC not sleeping very much, discovering (at 3am Sunday morning) that Gortex waterproofs do not keep you dry if you’re laid in a puddle and generally having a pretty epic time.   Cried with laughter retelling stories on the bus home.

On the downside, as well as an essay about how many steps a chick takes, casual dissertation research and a sprinkle of partying, I now have boots to contend with.  Guess which one I wore this weekend;

So… 21.

I’d love to be able to write about how amazingly different I feel, how I matured overnight but we all know that’s not true. I’m still going to be making the same mistakes I did last week.  It’s a number.  Everyone grows up in their own time, it’s not a sudden thing.  I grew up quickly during my last year at 6th form but I’m learning to live again, why would I want to suddenly get all old and boring ?

Tonight is for partying (with jitsu peoples), vodka flying saucers anyone ?

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